Arts & Culture

Our museum was designing a new brochure and we turned to Robert for proofreading the English language version for our English-speaking customers. We want to thank him for his efficient work and also wish him luck with his business in the future. Tuuli Ravantti, Forssa Museum, Finland.


I would highly recommend Robert’s proofreading service. For the product instruction manuals and spec sheet for my company webpage he did a tremendous job. He doesn’t only correct spelling and punctuation errors but also suggests options where there is a choice between different phrases carrying subtly different meanings. Now I can confidently distribute the manuals and spec sheet, which are very concise and error-free, knowing there is no confusion for the end users and potential bulk-purchase clients. Josh Ogawa, Skaukatt Defence, Tallinn, Estonia.

Government & Public Administration

As a Ph.D. student I need to publish the outcomes of my research in high-impact journals, almost always in English. I was not very experienced in writing scientific papers in English, so I asked Robert for help before sending the paper to the journal. He got back to me very quickly and read the paper very carefully. I realised I had used many expressions directly translated from Czech, and that I often used articles in the wrong way. After Robert's check, my paper was more readable than before, having removed grammar mistakes and clumsy expressions. I submitted the paper to a British journal and the comments on my paper were solely about the content, not the language. I perceive this as a success bearing in mind that this was my very first scientific paper written in English. I am sure I would not have been able to get such positive feedback without Robert's careful check. Štěpán Nosek, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Medical & Veterinary Sciences

My cooperation with Robert B. Davis started a year ago (2015), at the time when I was searching for somebody able to proofread my publication. Up to now the cooperation has been both pleasant and professional. I hope that this will contiunue in the future. Imbi Nurmoja, Estonian Veterinary and Food Laboratory, Tartu, Estonia.

Life Sciences

Achieving a good publication record is an essential step in any scientific career. Having a professional expert improving the language and the clarity of your manuscripts is therefore critical, especially if you are not a native English speaker. Even after publishing almost 150 peer-reviewed publications myself, I know I still need help improving the quality of the manuscripts that my colleagues and I prepare with so much effort. In my experience, this linguistic help certainly increases the potential success of any manuscript and enables research results to be delivered in a clear and understandable way. It is of paramount importance therefore to rely on someone knowledgeable and efficient who can be entrusted with your precious manuscripts. In this respect, and after interacting with so many different proofreaders, I have found that the input provided by Robert is definitely much more useful that that offered by others. The reason I think this is because Robert pays a lot more attention to the details and, given he himself has a solid scientific background, he really understands how to improve the style and communication potential of any scientific literature. Meeting deadlines is also something which I highly value, and in this respect Robert is also extremely reliable. Dr. Francesco de Bello, CSIC Desertification Research Centre, Valencia, Spain.

I like Robert’s proofreading service. He checked my manuscript carefully, and he provided reasoning on why corrections are made. Furthermore, the price is reasonable for this kind of service. Prof. Hiroki Hata, Ehime University, Japan.

Technology & Engineering

During the four years of my PhD studies, Robert proofread most of the journal articles that were used for my thesis, as well as the thesis itself. While pursuing my own research in space technology, Robert showed he could quickly understand the basics of another field to a level that ensured excellent proofreading. In addition to correcting grammar mistakes, articles and typos, Robert helped make my articles and thesis clearer and more understandable. Dr. Andris Slavinskis, Tartu Observatory, Estonia.