What our proofreading service provides

Correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Improvement of syntax (i.e. word order in sentences).

Checks for consistency of language use (e.g. ‘-ise’ or ‘-ize’ spellings, hyphenations).

Checks for formatting issues.

If you provide a style guide for spelling and formatting, we will follow this.

Querying of unclear text with alternative possible meanings given for you to consider.

Cross-references will be checked (e.g. page numbers, citations, references to figures and tables).

How changes are marked

With documents such as .doc, .docx or .odt, tracked changes will be made that can be accepted or rejected by the author in the returned document.

With .ppt, .odp, .ods or .xls, comments will be made and changes should be applied by the author.

With .pdf documents, a mix of tracked changes, highlights and comments will be used. The author will then have to make the changes accordingly on a document that enables this.


Business days are Monday to Friday.

Turnaround times are calculated from receipt of payment, not submission date of article.

Please note, there is a minimum VAT-inclusive fee of €12.00 (€10.00 without VAT).

Turnaround time Upper word limit Price
Over 2 weeks (11+ business days) Negotiable €0.02/word
2 weeks (6–10 business days) 15,000 €0.03/word
1 week (1–5 business days) 5,000 €0.04/word